Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Screenr is not available on the iPad,  BUT screen chomp, as Sara so loving pointed out, is.  I have used this with students in the past.  For history, they created their family tree, in math, they worked on math problems, and in SI, they have taken notes and recorded me - ugh! - to see how it works.
Sara - you have done many screencastings with screenr - and it does help!


What I knew:
Word searches give you the definition, .gov, .edu, you can search images by subject, color, photo and clip art, you can search related links, and hear pronunciation.

What I didn't know:
.mil, that google does math!!!, graphing, search within part of the website, putting a - symbol in front of what you don't want to search, visited pages, search by reading level, and links.

I want to know how to find the reading level - please show me - this would save many kids with this research project that they are doing.

Also, putting the - symbol would be helpful to a lot of those research projects.

Math in general - now I can look really smart when it comes to my nieces geometry homework!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I like Evernote. I like how students can record the teacher and take notes at the same time. You can email from it as well. Students in my class have taken pictures of notes that I had up on the board. Also, students can get pictures, articles and many other things off the net, as most web pages let you save it to evernote.
Personally, I like Noteability a little better. The color coding that it offers is what swayed me. Also, Noteability let's you hand write as well as type, and you can change the background colors.